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Sense of Events: Why is DHS buying billions of rounds of amunition?

I’m not sure what is going on, but there is certainly something rotten in Denmark here.

Sense of Events: Why is DHS buying billions of rounds of amunition?.

VIDEO: Sen. Ted Cruz on Benghazi

Sen. Ted Cruz Questioning on Benghazi in Armed Forces Committee - 02/07/2013
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Where Do We Go Now?

Where Do We Go Now?

Bill Whittle "Where do we go now?"
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Where Do We Go Now Q& A

Bill Whittle "Where do we go now" Q & A
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Click on upcoming link to view the ustream recording of the Nov. 7, 2012 Bill Whittle Stratosphere Lounge in which he proposes a Parallel America.

Pondering the Unbelievable but Increasingly Undeniable Explanations of Events in the Middle East

It is becoming increasingly clear that a Middle Eastern terrorist Fast rand Furious is being played out, with the weapons given to Libyan “freedom fighters” who just happen to be allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and other jihadist terrorist groups, aka our enemies. Though I have MANY questions about the subpar Benghazi compound and the unsafe safe house annex, the only explanation the makes sense about the stand down orders given is that Islamist terrorists were armed and ready to take out any aerial or ground troops sent in to rescue Ambassador Stevens who was purposefully left vulnerable in this region, a tactic particularly employed by these terrorists. This is particularly troubling in light of Pres. Obama’s revelation of details re the Navy Seals Special Ops heroes who have been Outed and targeted in the region. “Obama, we are all Osamas!”

Ambassador Steven’s whereabouts were obviously known when he was on a sensitive, unauthorized, illegal, and unconstitutional mission to find missing American weapons to give them to the Syrians to arm more of our enemies to remove another country’s leaders. The treatment he received, sodomization and obvious torture seen in pictures combined with the long period he was missing also leads one to believe that this Representative of the U.S. in Libya may have been tortured and killed in an effort to lure our troops into a doomed rescue attempt.

We know there were moles on location in Benghazi–State Dept. had hired a group allied with the terrorists to PROTECT them! Combined, all of these circumstances strongly indicate that we have moles in place in the Middle East as well in important places in Washington, including the Depts. of State and Justice. All the evidence indicates that the terrorists have the upper hand and we are at their mercy. This is not acceptable.

Allegations of Muslim terrorist infiltration into our government have already been brought to national attention by Rep. Michele Bachmann’s and five other Representatives. These allegations are damning in light of the 9/11/12 events in Benghazi and across the Middle East.

Bachmann’s Letters re Muslim Influence in Govt

All of this is currently unsubstantiated as far as the public can tell of course, but emphasizes the necessity of thorough investigations totally removed from the Executive Branch, including the President, State Dept., and Dept. of Justice. Steps should be taken to close down all funding and authority of these portions of the Executive branch and all those entities so affected in our government immediately while the investigation takes place. Our national security and the lives of our men and women in the Military and representatives in the middle East depend on it.

Are we going to go quietly into the night without a whimper?

KWTP Recommendations for November, 2012 General Election

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MUST SEE VIDEO: Quantitative Easing Explained

Quantitative Easing Explained
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The Power Grab at the RNC and This Election


Morton Blackwell’s three recent letters on the unprecedented power grab at the RNC can be found at this link to the Red State blog.

Jim’s and my views are remarkably similar to Mr. Blackwell’s. At this dire time, we cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by an issue which is meaningless until the election of 2016. We have two short months to work to elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Romney is certainly not my first or second choice for the Oval Office, however, even the thought of President Obama in office for another four years is not acceptable and would mean the end of Individual liberty and the American experiment begun 236 years ago. The government takeover of the private sector as exemplified by the health care and automobile industries is just the tip of the iceberg as far as this President’s socialist policies are concerned. He is an ardent proponent of statist government over individual rights and freedoms–a philosophy which has proven disastrous to the freedom and lives of individuals in every place and time it has been tried.

We must unite to elect Romney in spite of the vitriol and voter fraud that they will bring against us during the next 60 days. Grassroots conservatives of all bents, TEA Party, 9-12, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters as well as Republicans must work together to remove this current President from office. Then, and only then, should we tackle the ill-timed and ill-advised power grab that took place last week in Tampa at the RNC. We must be American Statesmen and patriots united in the common cause of Liberty during these next two months to begin the process of healing our economy and rediscovering the power of the individual that is our birthright. Purchased with the blood of our ancestors and Founding Fathers, freedom will not long remain in America if we continue to equate The extremism of Obama with Romney’s weaknesses. To do this is simply unacceptable to our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. It would be like equating the evil of a mass murderer with that of a petty thief. There is an unfathomable degree of difference between the two.

Once we remove Obama from the White House, then we can work together on restoring the vision of an America in which individuals are free to pursue their dreams in a landscape unmarked by an overweening government that insists on robbing Peter to pay Paul and on creating winners over losers to win reelection by way of back room deals instead of legislating for the good of all.

I hope to be fighting for a conservative victory with all of my grassroots brethren over the course of the next two months, rather than capsizing suddenly into the slime and mire of a socialist state by refusing to slow the progress of the progressivism with which we are threatened. Join me in this fight for liberty today, and we will continue to work together to keep the Republican Party open to the renewal of the nascent grassroots revival of constitutionalism and liberty afterwards. Fail, and it will not matter…

I pledge my life and the future of my children and their children to see today’s fight through to November. Will you join me?

Robin Lennon
Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.
President & Founder

Bill Whittle: Why Don’t You Mind My Own Business?

Another hard hitting piece by Bill Whittle from Pj Media and Declaration Entertainment…

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A Study in Contrasts: 1984 and 2012 – Morning or Mourning in America

Morning in America 1984 vs. Mourning in America 2011. I know which one I am working for. How about you?

Reagan Morning in America vs Obama Mourning in America
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VIDEO – Paul Ryan: Solvency or Bankruptcy; Decline or Exceptionalism?

Rep. Paul Ryan spoke before the Alexander Hamilton Society on 6/2/2011.

Paul Ryan: Lifting the Debt, Rejecting Decline and Securing America's Leadership
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