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TX AG Files Intevention to Prevent Release of Dangerous Criminals in Harris County

TX AG Ken PaxtonClick here to read entire TX AG 3-29-2020 Press Release>

KWTP Revokes 2018 Endorsement for Judge Jay Karahan

After interviewing both Candidates for Harris County Court At Law No. 8, our Kingwood TEA Party Vetting Board voted to endorse the incumbent, Judge Jay Karahan. Although we knew Judge Karahan conducted gay weddings, he assured us this was not a primary focus for him, and we took him at his word.

It has since been brought to our attention that he has posted (and edited) an interesting appeal on facebook.

As it appeared when captured:

As it was originally posted:










Even more interesting is what his post originally said, before he reworded it. In the original, Judge Jay Karahan encouraged his “many” democrat friends to cross into our Republican Primary to vote for him, the man they know as a “moderate, rational judge.” He went on to assure them they could still vote for their democrat choices in the General Election.

It is commonly accepted that the Primary will have a rather low turnout, and what Judge Jay Karahan has selfishly proposed is beyond belief to Republican and “ultra far right conservative” activists alike.

Our vetting board has unanimously agreed that Judge Jay Karahan misrepresented both himself and his campaign to us and Kingwood TEA Party hereby withdraws our 2018 endorsement for him. We also found ourselves in the unfortunate position of not having a majority who would endorse his opponent, and so we are officially not making an endorsement in this race.

It should be noted that if Dan Simons’ (Karahan’s  opponent) supporters, are, as Judge Karahan referred to them as, “ultra far right conservatives,” Mr. Simons is most likely far closer to our principles and ideology than is Judge Jay Karahan.

Do We Have the WILL to KEEP Our Republic?


RE: TX Voting Machines Changing Votes

img_0407Copied from Kelly Horsley’s Facebook post. ALan Vera is passionate about Election Integrity. He was a ranking memeber of the KingStreet Patriots True the Vote team.

From Alan D. Vera:


1. 99% of the stories are false–planted by groups trying to trick states into returning to hand counted paper ballots. Democrats are EXPERTS at cheating with paper. They’re not so good with electronic.

2. In those rare cases (1% of reported cases) where there is some discrepancy there are 2 primary reasons:

a. It is a touch screen voting machine that needs calibration. Very rare since they’re usually re-calibrated before each election.

b. the voter is making an error. When I was an alternate judge in the middle of Sheila Jackson Lee’s district I had an elderly woman voter tell me that the machine was changing her vote for Texas Governor from Bill White to Rick Perry. I called over the presiding judge to watch and I asked the woman to show me what she did. Our machines have a wheel you turn to highlight your selection. Then you press the “select” button to vote for that person.

Many people keep their finger on the wheel while they press “select” with their other hand. When they do that they inadvertently move the wheel as they press.

That’s exactly what this woman was doing. As she pressed the “select” button to vote for Bill White, her other hand was slightly moving the wheel to Rick Perry. We told her to take her hand off the wheel and her vote registered just fine. She was embarrassed.


A Psalm for the Political Homeless


BREAKING: #LetThePeopleVote! Mayor Turner Takes Defined Contribution Plans OFF the Table:


Turner Takes Defined Contribution Plans “Off the Table”

Turner and I both testified at the Texas House’s Pension Committee held Monday in Houston on the crisis the City is facing with its pension plans.

We actually agreed on a number of things.  For instance, we both agreed that Houston pension debt is now approaching $6 billion. You may recall that during the campaign Turner insisted that my estimate of $4 billion was an exaggeration.

We agreed that the current contribution of over $400 million does not fully fund the pensions and is unsustainable And we agree that without a pension deal, the City will be facing massive layoffs and service cuts as early as next year.

What we disagree on is the solution to the problem.  As many of you know I have been arguing for some time that the only permanent solution to the pension problem is a plan that ultimately transitions the City from defined benefit to defined contribution plans.  This, of course, is the conclusion that the private sector reached over the last few decades.

However, at the hearing, Turner unilaterally announced to a packed chamber of cheering City employees that any switch to defined contribution plans was “off the table” because all three pension systems are opposed to such a change.  Really?

Apparently the City Council, the Texas Legislature, and of course, the long-suffering Houston taxpayers have no say in the issue.  Oh, and by the way, polling shows that over 70% of Houstonians are in favor moving new employees to defined contribution plans.

The reason defined benefit plans are a financial death trap is that the ultimate cost of such plans is unknowable.  The cost depends on demographic and financial market conditions over many decades.  Any notion that we can predict life expectancies or interest rates over the next 40 years is pure hubris.  And the fact that we have missed the cost by nearly $6 billion in just the last fifteen years shows just how foolhardy the exercise is.  As long as we continue to delude ourselves that such clairvoyance is possible, we will continue face this crisis.  That is why a plan that fairly transitions the City to a defined contribution system is the only solution for both taxpayers and the City’s employees.

But instead of Turner and I continuing to debate this question, I have a proposal to settle our argument.   Turner has said that he is anxious to have an election to eliminate the property tax cap.  So why don’t we give Houston voters the opportunity to vote to eliminate defined benefit pension plans for new employees?  After all, shouldn’t the people that will ultimately have to pay for these plans have some say in what plans they want to offer to their new employees?

Here is my proposal.  Let’s put a referendum on the pension plans on the ballot this November.  I concede that it is unclear what the legal effect of a referendum would have under these circumstances.  But at least it would send a very clear message to the Texas Legislature, not to mention our mayor and city council, how Houston taxpayers feel about elected officials continuing a system that has plunged us into billions of dollars in pension debt.

How Ted Cruz REALLY Operates: Honorably!


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In 2013, after the Kingwood TEA Party had received confirmation that Sen. Ted Cruz was going to visit our group in August, we began promoting his visit as our First Freedom Rally.

In a short amount of time, our Freedom Rally grew to include then TX AG Greg Abbott and two other gubernatorial candidates, nearly every state-wide candidate for office, and a host of local candidates, though only Sen. Cruz and General Abbott were slated to speak.

About 1 week before the event & 700 RSVP’s later:

I received a call from one of Ted’s top staff members informing me that Ted had to cancel his appearance at our event. Turns out that a major national anti-ObamaCare tour was kicking off the night of our event in Dallas and Sen. Cruz had to be there.

After catching my breath and with my heart in my throat, I told his staffer that ok, this is what we elected him to do, and had to hang up and go to work.

My husband then spoke with the same gentleman from the Senator’s office after I left for work that morning, and explained how our event had grown from just the Senator speaking into a large Freedom Rally. Ted’s staffer said he would share the information with the powers that be, but couldn’t promise anything.

The next call came the following morning. When Ted had heard from his staff what was going on with our event, we were told he looked them in the eye and said, “Where have we agreed to be that evening?”

They then made some calls with the organizers of the anti-ObamaCare tour, and were able to get their cooperation. They changed all their plans and hotel reservations for this major national event to the next night.

Sen. Ted Cruz honored his commitment to us 
and then honored his commitment to fight
the implementation of ObamaCare!

Sen. Cruz didn’t have to do this, but this is who he is. It has been our experience that Ted does everything possible to honor his word even for a small group of his supporters in Texas over a huge national tour.

We follow Sen. Cruz’s issues, bills, and career closely. We were informed of his poison pill amendments as they happened, we supported  him. We tweeted throughout his ObamaCare filibuster, and watch all his videos. He has gone to Washington to be our voice and to bring the issues Texans care about onto the national stage.

Sen. Ted Cruz is a brilliant man of his word who cares deeply about Texas, our Nation, our freedoms, and our Constitution. He will fight for us to rein in the regulatory state spending us into oblivion, seal our borders, and get the Federal government out of the way so businesses can thrive, hiring more employees and improving the economy.

More importantly, we trust Sen. Cruz to nominate Supreme Court Justices who will respect our Constitution and the freedoms it created a limited government to protect.

Kingwood TEA Party is honored to support
Ted Cruz for President of the United States.

Sen. Ted Cruz at 2015 KWTP Freedom Rally

A Conversation with Ted Cruz hosted by Michael Quinn Sullivan

A Conversation with Ted Cruz

Hosted by Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans

Gov. Greg Abbott Presents the Texas Plan to Restore the Rule of Law

Reflections on Our Government & the Texas Plan by Robin Lennon

Gov. Greg Abbott: Why We Need the Texas Plan

(Excerpt: 1/8/16, TPPF Policy Orientation Keynote), 5 min.

Join us in ending the tyranny of unelected bureaucrats or men in black robes from ever again imposing laws and amendments upon the free men and women of the United States without representation or due process!!!

Read/Download: The Texas Plan to Restore the Rule of Law

Gov. Abbott Presents the Texas Plan for an Article V Convention: 

(Complete speech; 25 min.)

Gov. Abbott Joins Mark Levin about the
Texas Plan for Restoring the Rule of Law

AUDIO ONLY (15 min.)

The fear of a runaway convention is too often touted by the opposition. It is needless when you consider that we have already lost the Republic our Founders fought and died for. Freedom is worth fighting for. I often hear conservatives speak of the genius and prescience of our Founders, yet they FEAR To use the tool the Founders put into the Constitution for just such a day as today.

Answering the ‘Runaway Convention’ Myth by Michael Farris

Thomas Sowell on the Constitution and an Article V Convention, “Messing with the Constitution” – 1/12/16