VIDEO: MD6 Candidate Dan Bongino on Restoring Freedom

Dan Bongino, Candidate MD-6Action matters: Let the RINOs start a 3rd Party. The GOP belongs to US – small government Constitutionalists.

FreePAC Kentucky: Dan Bongino
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MUST SHARE VIDEO: MD-6 CD Candidate Dan Bongino on Why Your “Fair Share” Is NEVER Enough!

MUST WATCH VIDEO – Dan Bongino, Candidate for US Rep. of MD-6: Economics 101 or Why Your “Fair Share” Is Never Enough.

Inspiring Speech by US Senate Candidate Dan Bongino
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VIDEO: Sen. Ted Cruz with Jonathon Karl on “This Week.”

I’m excited about Sen. Cruz coming to KWTP on Aug. 19, are you? In the meantime, here’s Sen. Cruz with Jonathon Karl on “This Week.”

Sen. Ted Cruz with Jonathan Karl on 'This Week'
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VIDEO – RNC Offers Democrat Light: Just Say No!

MUST SEE: RNC – Just Say No! Freedom and smaller government is good for ALL Americans!

What do we do when the RNC calls for a donation?
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Judge Jeanine Piro after Listening to Benghazi Whistleblowers Testimony

This 12minute video needs to go viral.

Every American needs to know what these un-American people are going in the White House, Legislature, State Department, and Department of “Justice.”
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Video & Article: US Foreign Policy Speech by Sen. Rand Paul, Discussion by Forbes Op/Ed

Very interesting discussion of Foreign Policy. It’s about time we have substantive discussions about America’s role in the World today.

Rand Paul on Foreign Policy Video at Heritage Foundation, 2/6/2013

Rand Paul on Foreign Policy at the Heritage Foundation
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In an op/ed article on 2/13/2013 discussing Paul’s speech, Forbes’ wrote the following:

On February 6, Senator Rand Paul gave a speech on foreign policy entitled, “Containment and Radical Islam” to a Heritage Foundation meeting.

Paul began with refreshing realism and candor, pointing out that we are, in fact, at war with Radical Islam. He also noted (correctly) that, within Islam, Radical Islam is not a “small minority”, but a “vibrant, often mainstream, vocal and numerous minority”. Paul dismissed as naïve those who think that Radical Islam would leave us alone if we would just be nice to them.

Having asserted that Radical Islam is “…no fleeting fad but a relentless force”, Paul then seemed to call for a strategy of “containment”, along the lines of the one that George Kennan outlined regarding the Soviet Union in his “Long Telegram” of February 22, 1946. Paul cited this as a needed “middle path” for U.S. foreign policy

What Paul missed in his speech is that it was not Kennan’s “containment” policy that led to the downfall of the Soviet Union, but the approach that Ronald Reagan summed up in the following words: “Here’s my strategy on the Cold War: We win; they lose.”

Read the entire article here.

VIDEO: Dianne Feinstein Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights -NOT

Dianne Feinstein caught lying about her past gun grab intentions
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20 years in office has made Sen. Feinstein confuse being old and emotional and feeling entitled with being logical and capable of defending our RIGHTS as Americans. Studies prove that a well armed citizenry makes crime go down.

Taking guns away from lawful citizens only makes every place public and private the shooting galleries of criminals and the criminally insane individuals with us. Sen. Feinstein, how do you explain the high crime rates in Chicago and DC which have some of the most severe, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, gun laws in the Nation? Are you also going to ban hammers, knives, and hands and feet?

ICYMI, here is Freshman Senator, Ted Cruz calmly taking Feinstein to task for her emotional decision to enslave us all by leaving,us at the mercy of an out of control government that is seeking to tell us where we can go, what we can say, what we can eat, and what kind of medical treatment we can have. Our right to bear arms is not for hunting or games, it is to protect ourselves against an overweening government that thinks it has the right to tell us what we may and may not do.

Ted Cruz takes on Dianne Feinstein About gun control 3/14/13
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MUST SEE VIDEO: High on a Mountaintop – The Heroes of Benghazi

“High on a Mountaintop” Tribute to the Heroes of Benghazi by Chris Cassone
Published onNov 29, 2012 by Chris Cassone

Tribute to the heroes of the Benghazi attack on our embassy: Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens…and a rebuke of the treason that let them die. (Scroll down for lyrics)

"High on a Mountaintop" Benghazi Tribute to the Heroes & Rebuke of Treason by POTUS
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All proceeds (that’s ALL…except the Bandcamp 15%) will go to the SEAL NSW Family Foundation.
Downloads at


I heard the man on the radio, said, “My son is gone and what’s to show?”
Defending who knows what for who knows why.
Half a world away they watched for real, they saw the soul of a Navy Seal
“Who gave the order for my son to die?”

Evil men telling evil lies
Just to win a vote you let them die
While that drone would only hover.
Finger pointing. They’re on the run.
Investigations have all begun.
How much more will they uncover?

High on a mountaintop. That’s the only place where I can stop this crying
High on a mountaintop. Closer to God and further from all this lying.
You know it stands to reason, and it’s shaping up like treason, we all know.

He didn’t even have to venture in, but when his brothers, they all needed him,
He was on the spot…not flying to Vegas.
Real leaders lead when they are called,
Never thinking that they’ll drop the ball
But drop to their knees for Him who has made us

9-11, baby, you should have known
Al Queida coming and they’re all alone
But where is the outrage for THIS story?
Laser target, in his sight
60 to one, yea the odds looked right.
You’ll never understand their glory

HOAM. It’s the only place I can go to stop this hurting.
HOAM Justice will come one day, I know for certain.
-I know I cannot runaway, but give us just another single day
-These heroes live forever but a coward dies a thousand times.
-You know it stands to reason but it’s shaping up like treason, we all know.

Half a world away they watched for real, they saw the soul of a Navy Seal
“Who gave the order for my son to die?”

©2012 Cassongs Music

The Surprising Moral Case For Free Enterprise

Free Enterprise is based on those needing jobs, goods, or services freely contracting with others to purchase those items or services at a mutually agreeable price. It is a win – win situation for both parties. Not so when the government gets involved and burdens some participants with arduous regulations dictating which products or services must be utilized, and/or placing taxes or minimum wage regulations into the mix.

A good video summary of Arthur Brooks’ book, The Road to Freedom, with five two-minute segments.

Policies based on the Moral Case for Freedom:

Tax Reform:

    In 2011 46% of households had zero or negative federal income tax liability.
    In 2010, 60% of families received more from the government than they paid in taxes.
    Individual and corporate tax compliance costs $163 billion, more than $500 per person.
    The U.S. top combined corporate tax rate is the highest in the industrialized world.
    “Tax reform is a great opportunity to make a fairer system that will encourage economic growth and unleash the creative power of the American people. ”— Chad Hill, AEI


    Most seniors have withdrawn more from Social Security and Medicare than they paid in.
    The Medicare hospital care fund has been running a deficit since 2008.
    Social Security will be insolvent in 2036.
    The U.S. currently spends 9.9% of its GDP on entitlements.
    The Social Security system still leaves almost 10% of seniors in poverty.
    “People need a hand up, not a hand out. All policy direction should be to empower individuals to run their own lives.”— Rupert Murdoch, founder, chairman and CEO, News Corporation

Job Creation

    We are experiencing the longest high-unemployment streak since the Great Depression.
    The real unemployment rate is 10.4% when discouraged workers are counted.
    18% of young Americans said they delayed marriage due to job worries or unemployment, and 23% delayed starting a family.
    “We can spark an economic recovery by unleashing the job-creating power of business, especially small entrepreneurial businesses, which fuel economic and job growth quickly and efficiently.”— Charles Schwab, founder and chairman, Charles Schwab Corporation

Economic Growth

    While average economic growth from 1950-2000 was 3.6%, from 2000 to 2010, economic growth fell to 1.7%.
    To lower our deficit to 5% of GDP, we need to achieve a year-on-year 4% growth rate.
    Every 1% of additional growth today will double real incomes 72 years from now.
    “I grew up with great values and tremendous opportunities … I want my three kids and other’s people’s children to have the same opportunities that I had.”— Joe Ricketts, founder and former CEO, TD Ameritrade

National Debt

    U.S. debt is 100% of annual GDP, which most economists characterize as an unsustainable level.
    In 2011, the U.S. borrowed about $4,152 for every person in America, totaling $1.3 trillion.
    Servicing the national debt will cost $1 trillion per year by 2023 under current policy.
    Closing the spending gap through increased revenues over 25 years would require a 56% tax hike.
    “For far too long, short-sighted politicians have paid for today’s promises with tomorrow’s prosperity. If Congress doesn’t take serious action to reign in federal spending, our generation will be heirs to a legacy of higher taxes, more debt, and fewer opportunities.”— Fara Klein, Brown University

Here is Arthur Brooks’ video on the Surprising Case for the Morality of Free Markets.

Don't eat your dog: The surprising moral case for free enterprise
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Bill Whittle: Why Don’t You Mind My Own Business?

Another hard hitting piece by Bill Whittle from Pj Media and Declaration Entertainment…

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