Kingwood TEA Party is on a mission to elect conservative candidates, pass conservative legislation, and keep Harris County a conservative powerhouse. Managing KWTP has become a 60 hour a week full time calling.

Please consider making a monthly contribution to the Kingwood TEA Party President’s Honorarium Fund. Your donations allow us to devote all of our time to Kingwood TEA Party and its electoral and legislative success.

We are proud that Kingwood TEA Party has become a powerful and effective bridge between the world of conservative ideas and conservative action.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Cordially,  Robin

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Popular monthly donations seem to be $50 and $100.


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Please Note: Donations to the Kingwood TEA Party or the President’s Honorarium are NOT tax-deductible. We are a Not for Profit Texas corporation, but are Not 501 (c) 3 or 501 (c) 4. We chose not to apply for tax exempt status so the government cannot tell us what we can say or do. When other conservative groups had problems with the IRS, we had no problems. We pay taxes yearly.

Thank you for your support. Your help is greatly appreciated.