Constitutionally Limited Government      ~      Fiscal Responsibility      ~      Financial Freedom

Freedom for all Americans was the goal of our Founding Fathers, and it is the goal of the Kingwood TEA Party (KWTP)  as well. Over the last century or so we have fallen into the trap of over-legislating and over-regulating to the point where the governments of the Sovereign States as well as that of the Federal union are picking and choosing winners and losers as determined by political association, ideology, cronyism, and corporatism at the expense of ALL Americans.

Kingwood TEA Party Domestic Positions

KWTP will review legislation and policy directives using the criteria of constitutionality and our three goals stated above. The first three issues under review include Tax Reform, the Debt Ceiling, and Domestic Energy Policy.


The Kingwood TEA Party recommends that the U.S. Congress shall take no action on any tax legislation until substantial spending cuts (spending cuts are actual cuts in spending, including Entitlements, not reductions in planned rates of increase) are made.


The Kingwood TEA Party recommends that the U.S. Congress shall not, under any circumstances, raise the debt ceiling.


The Kingwood TEA Party recommends that:

1) The Federal government shall open all public lands and waters for energy exploration and extraction.

2) The Federal government shall no longer impede nor restrict the permitting process for any energy production on Federal or private lands or waters.

3) The Federal government shall neither fund nor require alternative energy programs.

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