Get Involved

KWTP is looking for a few good men and women who understand how important this election is. It is imperative to get the conservative message out. We need to make the moral case for capitalism over statism, for limited government gargantuan goverment over-reach, for the Freedom of individuals over the tyranny of censorship and over-regulation.

Let’s save our NATION and our children’s FREEDOM! Join our Activism Committee today and help us send solid conservatives to represent us!

KWTP Precinct Organizing Package

PowerPoint (pdf): Change It Back: Precinct Organizing

Document (.pdf): Organizing Precincts to Change It Back! (Contains Job descriptions)

Document (.pdf):    (Contains Phone Script)

If you’d like to help Kingwood TEA Party in another way, we are always looking for:

  • Good writers (to research, footnote, and format issues papers for our issues pages as well as for handouts.
  • Friendly volunteers to help us setup and welcome all our TEA Party members and guests.
  • Patriots who are not afraid to step up and present issues summaries (10-15 minute summaries with handouts) to the TEA Party.
  • Patriots who can join us at our Leadership meetings to infuse new ideas and help organize them into events/programs.
  • Anything else you think is something KWTP should be doing that you can help organize.
  • Join Our efforts to GET CONSERVATIVES to CONVENTIONS & to VOTE!
  • Other ideas you may have and would like to oversee!

Citizens’ Resources to Help You Get Involved: