Thank you for your support in time and treasure of Kingwood TEA Party. Together we WILL help put our country back on track!

Please Note: Donations to the Kingwood TEA Party are NOT tax-deductible. We are a Not for Profit Texas corporation, but are Not 501 (c) 3 or 501 (c) 4. We chose not to apply for tax exempt status so the government cannot tell us what we can say or do. When other conservative groups had problems with the IRS, we had no problems. We pay taxes yearly.

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Please visit our Honorarium page to make a donation. This fund helps pay Jim’s and my expenses so we can work on your behalf in Kingwood, Austin, and D.C. to make our local government, State, and Nation the bastion of Freedom for ALL Americans it was created to be. My heart-felt gratitude and appreciation is given to all of you who support our efforts.

With gratitude,


Kingwood TEA Party is a Not for Profit Texas Corporation.

However,  donations to our organization are not tax-deductible for the simple reason that by paying taxes on all funds not used during the year means that NO ONE can tell us what we can say or do politically speaking.

Like George Washington at Valley Forge, KWTP finds that…

…unless ample magazines are laid up in the course of this winter and the approaching spring, nothing favorable is to be looked for, from the operations of the next campaign; but our arms, enfeebled by the embarrassments of irregular and fluctuating supplies of provisions will reap no other fruits than disgrace and disappointment.

Please give what you can of your time and treasure. Thank you!

Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.
2261 Northpark Drive, #109
Kingwood, Texas 77339

Thank you!


What KWTP does with your generous contributions:



  • Free monthly meetings with speakers, and forums with Candidates / Politicians with Q & A
  • KWTP was a BIG part of the Houston Area Tea Parties’ Joplin Relief effort which sent two semis filled with much-needed food, water, clothing, charcoal briquets, toys, and other items to the folks in Joplin, MO after the tornadoes devastated their town.
  • KWTP was a founding member of Sen. Dan Patrick’s Tea Party Caucus’ Advisory Committee: Jim and I attended every meeting and supported TEA Party issues such as not spending the entire Rainy Day Fund., Voter ID, Sonogram, Border Control, Balancing the TX Budget w/o Tax Increases, etc.
  • 4th of July Parade & Booth: Marching in the Kingwood parade, we hand out COMPLIMENTARY American Flags and U.S. Constitutions to attendees.
  • We are currently soliciting donations to purchase a camcorder, set, and mono-pod for YouTube interviews, as well as for funding to help us join the Lake Houston Chamber of Commerce–so everyone knows that we are here to stay and so we can take a more active role in our community.
  • Educational programming so every conservative voter who wants to go to precinct, Senate District, and State Republican conventions can do so armed with the knowledge and parliamentary procedures that will let us influence the course of the Republican Party in Texas.
  • Members are attending Precinct, Senate District, and State Conventions to make our concerns known and to lobby for the pro-freedom, pro-business legislation needed, as well as for the reduction in regulations and taxes that are suppressing our businesses’ success and shrinking our employment numbers. Many are involved in Senate District Committees.
  • We are in contact with our local representatives, and Rep. Ted Poe whenever major legislation is being considered. KWTP members gave our opinion on matters ranging from the debt ceiling and Patient Board legislation on the National level to immigration and not spending the Rainy Day Fund on the State level. We are also actively working with leaders and fellow activists across the State for School Choice and Educational Reform.
  • Our Advisory Board members each made an effort to go to as many of the candidate forums in the greater Houston area as well as hosted many. After asking questions of the candidates and those who work with them, we then collaborated and published our first Primary and Primary Runoff Recommendations for our members as well as neighbors and fellow voters. Our members set up at the Kingwood Library location for all of Early Voting and especially for Election Day. They are well received and we look forward to doing this for future elections.
  • Jim and I as well as other KWTP members make regular trips into Austin during the Texas Legislative session, as well as during the Interim to support conservative issues and legislation that will help make Texas stronger and more secure.

These are just a few of the things we have been doing while everyone who thought all we did was hold rallies and wave signs thought we had gone away. Instead we are becoming serious activists with a voice in our local, State, and Federal governments. We hope you will support us with your time and financial support so we can work together to make America the BEACON of FREEDOM she was formed to be.

In the spirit of Freedom,


Robin Lennon
Kingwood TEA Party, Inc.
President, Co-founder
Twitter: @kwteaparty

Last Update: 12/31/2015