Taken from Call to Action issued by our good friend, activist par excellence, JoAnn Fleming, Chair – Advisory Committee to the TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus and Director (volunteer), Grassroots America – We the People. Thank you, JoAnn!

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 Spkr. Joe Straus’ signature is missing from May 2nd Letter

and the Texas Border surge can’t begin without it!

Click on the graphic below to see a complete copy of the letter.

border_ltr_no-straus-sig(1) Find your state representative here:


Rep. Dan Huberty:
AUSTIN (512) 463-0520 KINGWOOD (281) 360-9410
Rep. Cecil Bell:
AUSTIN (512) 463-0650 MAGNOLIA (281)259-3700


(2) Call / Tweet (#SealTXBorderNow) / Facebook your state rep now and tell them:

(a) we need immediate action to address the crisis on the border – not a delay until September 1, and

(b) we want the effort to be ongoing, not just for 90 days, and…


(c) Ask your state rep to send a written communication to Speaker Joe Straus asking him to sign the May 2 allowing the DPS surge to get underway.

(d) Ask them to post the letter to Straus on their state website so we can see who is stepping up to protect Texans. Let them know you expect proof of action because it is time to stop playing politics with the safety and security of Texas!

(3) Call Gov. Perry’s office. Thank him for supporting the DPS surge. Leave a message that it’s time to stop talking and time to act!

Gov. Perry’s Opinion Hotline: (512) 463-1782

Gov. Office: (512) 463-2000 (8 AM – 5 PM)

(4) Call Speaker. Joe Straus. Tell him it’s time to act to SIGN THE LETTER so we can secure the border and support law enforcement!

Austin office (512) 463-1000;

San Antonio office: (210) 828-4411

(5) Please click here to sign the online petition.

Remember though that the May 2 letter is the fastest and most effective way to contain the Border crisis as soon as possible.

(6) Support the Texas Border Volunteers.

Please donate to the efforts of these brave men and women who volunteer to assist law enforcement. Any amount will help their efforts to stand up for the rule of law and assist law enforcement. To donate, click here .

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If Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst, and our state representatives cannot convince Speaker Straus to stop blocking a DPS surge on the border, we believe Governor Perry should assume his full executive authority, declare a law enforcement emergency, and act to protect Texas NOW.

Help us save Texas!

PLEASE, help us circulate this Call to Action as widely as possible, then  CALL, TWEET, and FACEBOOK!

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Where Is Speaker Straus’ Signature on the May 2nd Letter?

It’s been six weeks since Gov. Perry & Lt. Gov. Dewhurst signed a letter on June 2, 2014 directing Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw to begin a surge to end the current border crisis.

BUT SPEAKER JOE STRAUS has refused to sign it.

We’re told the 90-day limit was a compromise measure to get Straus on board, but he’s still stalling! Meanwhile, the new flood of illegal entries into Texas has swamped law enforcement, health and human services personnel, and shelters.

The southern border is now in full-blown crisis with a steady influx of unaccompanied alien children, pregnant women, and young adults pouring across the border from Central America. While law enforcement is distracted with the women and children, other illegal border crossings have escalated. Our law enforcement is being overrun. Law enforcement is warning Texas is more vulnerable than ever to very dangerous people crossing illegally.

Long before this latest wave of illegal immigration hit our southern border, DPS had already warned that six of the eight major Mexican cartels have set up major command and control networks throughout Texas and are working with dangerous transnational gangs to carry out ruthless crimes of murder, drug smuggling, sex slave trade prostituting of women and children, sexual assaults, home invasions, and increased violence against law enforcement. [See DPS REPORTS: Threat Assessment Overview for 2013 and 2014 Gang Assessment.]

The Governor, Lt. Governor, and the Speaker, representing the executive leadership of the Legislative Budget Board – have the constitutional authority to ACT without a special session to fund what law enforcement needs to protect the people of Texas. The oath-bound duty of our state officials is to protect the life, liberty, and property of the people of Texas.