Houston, We Have a Pension Problem!

Houston, We Have a Pension Problem!

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Stop Mayoral Candidate Rep. Sylvester Tuner and Pharaoh Parker’s ineffective deal to rob Peter to pay Paul Pension solution in HB 2572. See VIDEO. What the video didn’t tell you:

1.    City Council, for the first time since Mayor Parker was elected went contrary to her wishes and called this meeting themselves. She had here-to-fore denied them the opportunity to hold testimony on Houston’s Debt and Pension problems, keeping them out of the public record. Kudos to our Council members!

2.    When it became apparent that the vote opposing this deal would be successful, Council members Cohen and Robinson walked out to intentionally break Quorum and stop the vote.

I.             OPPOSING Rep. S. Turner’s HB 2572 (our Mayor’s disastrous firefighters’ deal);
                SUPPORTING Rep. Jim Murphy’s HB 2602 (supporting local control of Pensions)

A.            Both bills: Referred to Rep. Dan Flynn’s Pension Committee:

1.            Both Bills: Expected Hearing Date is Mon., April 6, 2015 (Estimated)

2.            We’ll likely continue fighting Turner’s HB 2572 added in as an amendment through several legislative stages, but for now our goal is to stop the bill in Committee.

 3.            Please call and email (names link to online email pages):

Chair: Rep. Dan Flynn: (512) 463-0880
Vice Chair: Rep. Roberto R. Alonzo:  (512) 463-0408
Rep. Ana Hernandez:   (512) 463-0614
Rep. Stephanie Klick:   (512) 463-0599
Rep. Dennis Paul:   (512) 463-0734
Rep. Justin Rodriguez:   (512) 463-0669
Rep. Phil Stephenson:   (512) 463-0604

II.          SENATE STRATEGIES Against Turner’s HB 2572

A.            SENATE STRATEGY for HB 2572: Kill Sylvester’s bill or one similar, including amendments, in Committee

1.              Ask SENATOR HUFFMAN to fervently oppose this bill.
Sen. Joan Huffman: 512.463.0117
(name links to online email form at the bottom of page)
2.              If Sen. Huffman is aggressively in opposition to the bill in the senate then it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for Sen. Whitmire to push this bill through the senate. As such, we need EVERYONE to reinforce and increase the Senator’s opposition.

3.              Ask Sen. Paul Bettencourt to remain vigilant against any pension bills similar to Rep. Turner’s HB 2572 being sent through Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) Committee of which he is Vice-chair.
Sen. Paul Bettencourt: 512-463-0107
(name links to online email form at the bottom of page)