2021 Humble ISD & City of Humble Elections – KWTP Recommendations

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Houston takes major hit w/ judge’s decision to void drainage fee tax

3 Must Read Articles by Andrew Codevilla re: Obama & Republican Whigs

andrew-codevillaThe Chosen One
By: Angelo M. Codevilla
Claremont Review of Books: Vol. XI, Number 3 – Summer 2011
Posted: July 13, 2011

As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned
By: Angelo M. Codevilla — 2/20/2013

 The case against Republican Whigs: Too many compromises are reminiscent of a hapless, defunct party
By Angelo M. Codevilla — Friday, June 6, 2014

Kingwood TEA Party 2014 Primary Voter Recommendations

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Too many Republicans in Texas voted for SB 346 — they want to be able to intimidate conservative groups that have held their feet to the fire. They think if they can intimidate, they can drive donors out of the public arena. These Republicans think that if they do that, they can shut down the very organizations making them behave.



Posts like this need to go viral: The Anti-Capitalist Mentality

The Anti-Capitalist Mentality

by John Goodman at the Health Policy Blog

Have you ever noticed that people who worry about inequality seem to be focused only on certain kinds of inequality? When they obsess about the income and wealth of the top 1%, they seem to be bothered by only some of those at the top, and not others.

For example, have you ever seen Robert Reich or Paul Krugman or any like-minded complainer bemoan the huge salaries of professional athletes? What about the stratospheric incomes of rock stars? Or movie idols? Or super models?

Even more puzzling, when is the last time you saw any of them assailing worthless heirs? I would guess that a large share of mega gifts to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign came from “trust fund babies.” These are people who are living (and living well) off the assets created by some deceased capitalist. All too many of the heirs spend a good part of their lives giving personal and foundation money to…well…to promote socialism.

Read the entire post here.

VIDEO: Susan Combs Tell Us, “Texans, It’s Your Money!”

Susan Combs Tells KWTP, “Texans, It’s Your Money!” (2 Videos)

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs visited the Kingwood TEA Party on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 at IncrEDIBLE Delight in Atascocita to tell us about her four reports telling Texans about the 5000 taxing entities, found at TexasItsYourMoney.org.

Video, Part 1:

Combs 2012 9 20 part 1
Watch this video on YouTube.

Part 2:

Combs 2012 9 20 part 2
Watch this video on YouTube.

Thank you, Susan, for empowering Texans to fight the ever encroaching and over-regulating governments we have at Local, State, and Federal levels!

Agenda: Grinding America Down