ObamaCare: A True Story

This is a real-time, real-life story from a family member that I know to be true. Think about this the next time you read the main stream press trying to paint Ted Cruz, et.al. as radical right wing nut jobs.


There’s been a lot of talk and opinion about ObamaCare.

Here’s my real true story –

I currently have a private plan that costs $180 / month with Humana. I can visit the doctor 3 times per year with a $35 co pay. Any 3 doctor combos – I can see my primary 3 times, or my ob, my dermatologist, and my primary each once. It covers 1 mammogram and 1 full set of labs and blood work a year. Anything above that is subject to my $5k deductible. It does not cover maternity which is ok as I had a tubal ligation. It has a pre existing condition clause and will not cover anything related to fibroids which is ok too because that’s only a problem when I’m pregnant. This plan works for me. I choose it based on my needs and habits. I eat relatively healthy and exercise to help manage my health care expense so I’m not going on meds or seeing multiple doctors.

I logged onto the Marketplace website. It was problematic to get on (20+ minute wait and bumped me off).

I will not be allowed to keep my current private plan because 1. it can not have a pre existing condition 2. it must cover maternity AND baby care 3. my high deductible isn’t permissible. So the cheapest plan for me under obamacare is $400 / month. Thank You President Obama – I’m thrilled to have maternity coverage back and equally thrilled my personal responsibility to manage my own health and healthcare needs no longer matters!! Let’s eat up, sit on the coach, get knocked up, and take a pill for everything that ales us. In the past year my monthly cost for this president’s agenda is $445. (healthcare and payroll tax). It doesn’t get more middle class than me. The middle class will cease to exist as we will all either be poor or rich in near future.



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