Nov. 2014: Why Vote NO on the Propositions

Why Vote NO on the Proposals

Lone Star Bond: Our commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency in government and spending means that we sometimes have to make difficult choices. Though we are very appreciative of the change in leadership in the Lone Star College District, and realize tremendous growth is ongoing in our area, no matter how many spreadsheets and charts they showed us,  it still came down to: We can’t show you that our campuses are maxed out, you’ll have to accept our word that they are.  They also said that we could trust them to stop selling the bonds if the circumstances changed, yet we know leadership can change, and we do not have a fiscally conservative Board of Trustees we can count on to hold them accountable. They presented a much better case, and we laud their improvement in communication. In the final analysis, though, they could not prove their need.

Constitutional Amendment: “The constitutional amendment providing for the use and dedication of certain money transferred to the state highway fund to assist in the completion of transportation construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation projects, not to include toll roads.”

Proposition 1 asks Texans to duplicate the mistakes of Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. At a time when Texas’ economy is booming and the tax base is increasing we should not have to raid the rainy day fund to cover basic government responsibilities. Rather than showing fiscal restraint to free up money for our roads the legislature has taken the easy way out and is going to voters to get more money. If we can’t budget responsibly in times of plenty we’ll never be able to when times get tough. Texas does not have a lack of revenue but a lack of fiscal responsibility. Voters must reject the Proposition and force their legislators to act responsibly or be willing to find others who can.

Vote NO on both these Propositions!