SERIES: What Is Conservatism?

by Kyle Scott, The Conservative Professor

SERIES: What is Conservatism?

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Forward by Robin Lennon

Dr. Kyle Scott, The Conservative Professor from 1070 AM radio

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all citizen lobbyists, politicians desiring to become conservative statesmen, and all citizens considering running for office.

If we cannot articulate what Conservatism is, how can we say who is a Conservative, and who is a RINO? Knowing what conservativism is, and how to determine the conservative position on the myriad political and moral issues we as a Nation are currently faced with is foundational to all Patriots wishing to support limited govevernment and increased freedom.

Dr. Scott is currently writing and will subsequently present a series of classes that deal with the subject of defining conservatism so that we can look at current issues and know what the conservative answer is, and lobby our politicians to support that position. The conservative position is that which has developed over the millenia, rooted in an understanding of the fallible nature of man rather than a belief in the perfectibility of man as addressed by an elite which believes itself capable of legislating and regulating the People into a utopian society of their making.

Read Dr. Scott’s series as they are available, and join us in the Fall when he leads a seminar for us on Just what conservatism is, and how to evaluate the conservative position, as well as applying that knowledge to current issues of the day.

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