Nov. 2014: Importance of 2014 Governor’s Race to 2016 Election

Why the 2014 Governor’s Race Matters in 2016

greg-abbott kwtp marc-cowartjpgGreg Abbott Works Hard & Understands Free Market Principles That Will Provide Opportunities for ALL Texans!

It is CRITICAL for EVERY conservative voter to get out and vote Straight Ticket Republican, but ESPECIALLY FOR AG Greg Abbott in this election.

The votes in each precinct (local voting place) cast for Governor this election will determine the party affiliation of the Election Judge in charge of the polling place in 2016! {LINK Election Code Sec. 32.002}

If you are as concerned about voter fraud as we are, help us by getting 5 MORE conservative registered voters to the polls during Early Voting to vote Straight Ticket R so we have more Election Judges committed to FAIR elections in 2016.