2016 Endorsements: The Reasons Why

Things We Learned during our interviews:

The major points of the following information was confirmed by all three of the congressmen we interviewed.

I. Rep. John Culberson: 2016_John-Culberson_CD-7 Endorsement

    1. PP was previously defunded as much as the House could defund it.
    2. The rest of PP is funded through Medicaid entitlements not currently subfject to Appropriations.
  2. AMNESTY: The President’s illegal Amnesty fiats are legally on hold due to court rulings.
    1. If money is being spent, it is being done illegally with the use of VISA/Naturalization fees paid directly to the Executive agencies.
    2. Not sure which point or points this goes under: House has even gone so far as to pass a bill specifying NO MONIES MAY BE SPENT regardless of whether they control the appropriations or not. 
  3. HEALTHCARE: The House will fully repeal the un-ACA next January under a new President.
    1. They totally defunded the ‘Death Panels’ in the un-ACA.
    2. The rest of the ACA is being funded through fees included in the bill passed by only democrats that are paid directly to Executive branch agencies and thus not subject to House Appropriations.
    3. Looking forward to implementing free market changes that will lower premiums for Americans while offering them the choice of the plans that best suit their needs.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, SPENDING: NO BUDGET = NO APPROPRIATIONS PROCESSNo wonder there has been no change in spending since we took back the House and nominally, the Senate.
    1. This is why many of our Congressmen are now called RINO’s with low scorecard percentages. They voted each time they had to in order to insure a budget was passed. This is the only way they would have the Appropriations process in place to cut spending or defund programs as needed. 

    2. The Senate MUST return to simple majority votes
      1. The Senate is completely dysfunctional under McConnell because 5+ of the Republican Senators vote with the Democrats preventing the 2/3 majority needed to pass important legislation, The Senate was why the budget bills passed by the House were held up necessitating the Omnibus bill.
      2. Even with a new conservative President, the road back to prosperity will be impeded by the Senate if they don’t change their rule and return to a simple majority vote in order to circumvent the politics being played with the least conservative R’s in the chamber.
    3. The Appropriations process is beginning after SIX long years with no budget  vis a vis the defunding of ObamaCare’s “Death Panels.”
      1. It is also happening via Rep. John Culberson‘s Sub-committee for Science, Commerce, & Justice. Congressman Culberson helped fight off the .223 ammo ban the ATF tried to sneak into their manual.
      2. Rep. Culberson also fought off the Department of Injustice’s attempted takeover of the Harris County Republican Polling Places this election using the Power of the Purse to change their minds. They were using picky ADA infringements to do so. Other committee chairs are beginning to use the same constitutional tools Rep. Culberson is using, but it was his conservative principles and dedication that gave us this option at this time.

II. CONGRESSMAN KEVIN BRADY: As the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady is arguably one of the most important men in Washington, D.C. 2016_Kevin-Brady_CD-8 Endorsementrep-kevin-brady

  1. When we we first formed KWTP Congressman Brady was the leading fighter opposing ObamaCare. Remember the ObamaCare Chart he and his office compiled? 
  2. He helped the Ways & Means Committee pass over $6.5 trillion in lower taxes for hardworking families, businesses and seniors;
  3. As Chair, Rep. Brady worked to restore the state & local sales tax deduction that is saving Texas taxpayers $9.6 billion;
  4. Rep. Brady wants to ensure we enforce the immigration laws on the books & allot the proper spending to keep our Nation safe from terrorism and other attacks.
  5. Brady stands ready to work towards income tax reform which includes abolishing the IRS.