Sen. Dianne Feinstein

VIDEO: Dianne Feinstein Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights -NOT

Dianne Feinstein caught lying about her past gun grab intentions
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20 years in office has made Sen. Feinstein confuse being old and emotional and feeling entitled with being logical and capable of defending our RIGHTS as Americans. Studies prove that a well armed citizenry makes crime go down.

Taking guns away from lawful citizens only makes every place public and private the shooting galleries of criminals and the criminally insane individuals with us. Sen. Feinstein, how do you explain the high crime rates in Chicago and DC which have some of the most severe, and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, gun laws in the Nation? Are you also going to ban hammers, knives, and hands and feet?

ICYMI, here is Freshman Senator, Ted Cruz calmly taking Feinstein to task for her emotional decision to enslave us all by leaving,us at the mercy of an out of control government that is seeking to tell us where we can go, what we can say, what we can eat, and what kind of medical treatment we can have. Our right to bear arms is not for hunting or games, it is to protect ourselves against an overweening government that thinks it has the right to tell us what we may and may not do.

Ted Cruz takes on Dianne Feinstein About gun control 3/14/13
Watch this video on YouTube.