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Conservatism Is Calling Slideshow

conservatism-slideshow_smlA very good slideshow about Obama, his campaign promises and delivered debt: Facebook Post video link.

Conservatism Is Calling: Share this with everyone you know, Obama is exposed on every lie, with facts and comparisons. Show the world what his liberal voter base is doing to America. If there’s one video you share in your life, make it this one. HELP expose their lies so voters can vote responsibly in 2014.JOIN OUR FIGHT—>    Read Senior Airman Brian Kolfage’s bio. This man is a genuine hero.

Liberal Keynesian Economists Recommend Tax and Entitlement Reform Similar to Tea Party Positions

Liberal economists recommend a flat tax with no loopholes and reform of the unsustainable entitlement programs, social security, medicare and medicade. These economists who support the Obama administration recommend these reforms in order to save Obama’s presidency. Liberals denounced the TEA Parties’ recommendations for tax and entitlement reform as right wing extremism. Now liberals are beginning to openly proclaim these reforms as necessary in order to preserve their power.

EconomistReformEntitlementsFlatTax 25May2013

Congressional Dems Plotting Run on American’s Retirement Savings

The proposed Cyprus Deposit Tax to pay for bank bailouts enraged depositors who were threatened with a tax on their savings. Fear generated by this proposal caused a run on the banks. Repercussions from this proposed confiscation of personal savings can affect saving and investment throughout Europe. Worse still it could catch on in here. Congressional democrats are plotting the expropriation of American’s private 401(k) and IRA retirements savings accounts in favor of “a guaranteed income”.

TaxOnSavingsCyrpusCouldHappenInUS 18Mar2013

AutomaticIRA Oct2012