Lone Star College Bond Proposal: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Debt by Kyle Scott

By Kyle Scott, PhD

In 2008, Lone Star College System (LSCS) administrators and the board of trustees asked voters to approve a bond of more than $400 million. And now they are asking voters to add an additional $500 million in new debt. This would run the total new bond debt to almost $1 billion in only five years. And before any new debt is added, LSCS currently has more than $590 billion in both bond and taxpayer supported debt outstanding.

According to LSCS, the need for new revenue is in anticipation of rapid growth. But LSCS has overestimated the rate of growth it will experience in order to secure more funding. LSCS expects enrollment to reach 110,000 students by 2018 while the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board expects enrollment to only be at 81,000 by 2020.
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Community Colleges Need to Return to Their Mission by Kyle Scott

Guest columnist at Your Houston News , reprinted with author’s permission.

At the February meeting of the Lone Star College (LSC) Board of Trustees, the board voted unanimously to put a new $500 million bond issue on the May 11 ballot. This would increase LSC’s total debt to over $1 billion. Most people have become accustomed to large debts run up by our elected officials and have become numb to the fiscal irresponsibility that lies behind the debt. It would be one thing had the debt been used to increase educational opportunities for the students, but indeed it has not. Rather, the money has gone to infrastructure expansion and administrative costs that do not warrant an additional burden on the tax payer or a debt that could affect the tuition rate of students and families who are already hard-pressed to cover costs.
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Go Local! by Kyle Scott

Dr. Kyle Scott, TheConservative Professor from 1070 AM radioGo Local!

By Kyle Scott
Candidate for the Lone Star College Board of Trustees, Position #2
via Your Houston News

It might be difficult to get excited about a local election on May 11, but voters should take notice. With gridlock in Washington bringing governance to a slow crawl, it is the perfect time to go local.

There is no need to look to the federal government to produce positive change when you can do it in your own backyard. One of the key components of federalism is a politically motivated local governance structure to counterbalance the authority of the national government. So not only does the average voter have a far better chance of advancing their ideas at the local level, doing so is essential for a proper balance of powers embodied in the Constitution.

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Understanding the Liberal-Conservative Divide through the Gun Debate

Dr. Kyle Scott, TheConservative Professor from 1070 AM radio

Click on image for bio.

By KYLE SCOTT, UH professor & The Conservative Professor

The debate that has swept over the nation has now landed in the Lone Star State with the Texas legislature proposing laws that would decrease the restictions on firearms. The proposed measures would make it easier for students and faculty who legally own a registered firearm, and who hold the requisite license to carry a concealed handgun, to carry their weapon on college and university campuses in the state. At first blush this may seem like something new, but as we saw a few months ago at the North Harris campus of the Lone Star College System, students are already carrying firearms onto our campuses. All these new measures would do is to allow citizens who can legally own and carry firearms to protect themselves when the law fails to do so.

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“Big Brother is watching. And Big Brother is the IRS” by The Conservative Professor, Dr. Kyle Scott

Dr. Kyle Scott, TheConservative Professor from 1070 AM radio

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Here is The Conservative Professors latest article, Big Brother is watching. And Big Brother is the IRS , from Texas GOP Vote. With his permission, it is reprinted here for your reading convenience.

Big Brother is watching. And Big Brother is the IRS

If you talk about the IRS don’t do it via email or text—the agency you mailed a check to this week can eavesdrop without a search warrant or probable cause. Since 2009 the IRS has held the position that the Fourth Amendment does not protect electronic transmissions.

The Stored Communications Act provides insufficient Fourth Amendment protections and the Supreme Court needs to make a clear statement against the infringement of Fourth Amendment rights by agencies like the IRS. But unfortunately the Court declined the opportunity to do so on April 15th, perhaps the Justices were too busy filing their taxes, when it refused to hear Jennings v. Broome, which would have allowed it to decide on this matter.

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GREAT AT ARTICLE from Local Writer, William Sullivan on Racism

Remembering Why Jackie Robinson Was a Hero
by William Sullivan via American Thinker

My thoughts on the subject –Robin

Racism attacks Freedom and Justice. However, the opposite of racism is not affirmative action which creates a victim class and steals from the innocent as well as the guilty to make restitution. Restitution? Restitution is welcoming all into our schools, and expecting excellence from all according to their varying interests and abilities.

Anyone who views every incident or issue by seeing first the races of the individuals is truly racist. Those who look first for the facts in order to uphold blindfolded justice are NOT racist, but are Americans according to the highest ideals entrenched in our Declaration of Independence. No, the economic interests of men may not have been true to those ideals, but they were set to be incrementally attained.

Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King both dreamt of a time when the playing field would be level and all could endeavor to earn the rewards for their best efforts. I stand with them, and would like to move forward beyond racism back to Justice for All.

Larry Elder Keynote Speech: Racism Isn’t a Problem Anymore

Must-see video – “Racism isn’t a problem anymore”: Larry Elder delivers Keynote address at David Horowitz Retreat. Well worth the time to listen to it all.

From Our Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers: The Threat of Tyranny
Watch this video on YouTube.


So teenagers can choose death for their children, but working Americans can’t choose whether or not they want to join a union?

After the 2012 Election

See our KWTP Post-Election 2012 Positions
(The Same as our Pre-Election 2012 Positions) on Various Issues

A Message from the President of the Kingwood TEA Party

After Nov. 6: Where We Go from Here

Kingwood TEA Party is more committed than ever to standing for the conservative principles that will allow the United States to excel and prosper once more: constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.

Freedom for individuals from state-imposed tyranny is the single-most important principle fought for by our Founding Fathers and gifted to each generation of Americans since that time. It has been the responsibility of each succeeding generation to live by those principles given and to teach their successors to value them as well.

Given the results of our recent election, we have clearly failed in that duty. In no way does that failure mean that we should give up and join the progressives who are working furiously to divide Americans, spend our country into oblivion, and destroy all that has made us exceptional.

For that reason, Kingwood TEA Party will continue to encourage our elected representatives and legislators at both the State and Federal levels to escalate the fight for our principles, clearly stating why they work, and doing everything within their means to stop the progressive policies that will weaken our country economically and militarily. We ask them to fight with us to restore the free market principles that will allow our economy to come roaring back to life. Ending intrusive and unconstitutional regulations and spending at all levels of government by reducing the size and scope of government in Washington, D.C., Austin, and on the local levels is the only way to restore Liberty in America.

Though some programs will need to be grandfathered out, every American citizen must realize that no one has the right to take what they need from another by theft or by government seizure through taxation. No one is entitled to the fruits of another’s hard work. We Americans have always been a generous people as evidenced by the charitable contributions given to those in need. Those who are truly unable to care for themselves will always be taken care of. However, we absolutely must take the education and formation of our future citizens away from the government and give them back to parents and localities.

To fix what is wrong, Kingwood TEA Party will do everything in its power to see Freedom restored and our futures securely placed back in the hands of every American citizen. We will fight strenuously to stop unsustainable spendthrift programs for all comers regardless of their legal status in this country. Reducing our Nation to third world levels of poverty and instability is not the way to help those in other countries to better themselves.

I hope that you will join with me and the Kingwood TEA Party as we ask all of our legislators and elected officials to join with us as we work to regain the legacy of Liberty that our fathers and forefathers paid for with their service, their honor, and their blood.