Historians Oppose APUSH Revised Standards of US History

Prof. Daniel Robinson and Mark Levin

Respected Historians Oppose APUSH Revised Standards

In the you-tube audio clip below, Professor Daniel Robinson of Oxford explained that Oxford does NOT give much merit for APUSH scores, but highly values the US History credits awarded through the International Baccalaureate program. He also stresses the harm our regressive bias in American History educational standards over the last few decades is causing in our society.

Audio segment of Professor Daniel Robinson, signatory on Historians’ Statement Opposing APUSH Standards:

APUSH Letter and links for audio of Professor Daniel Robinson:

Stanley Kurtz Post on this APUSH Letter:

Michelle Malkin on the APUSH Opposition Letter:

Mark Levin 6/3/15 Rerun Podcast:
Starts at 54:43 to 55:56, but the main portion can be found from 57:47 through 1:03:59

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