The People’s Revolt against the Ruling Elite

The People’s Revolt against the Ruling Elite

People who are really involved with the Tea Party understand that there is no single monolithic group. The Tea Party is the authentic grass roots movement the Democrats always claim to be. Thousands of groups of concerned citizens reading, meeting, learning the ins and outs of our political system to figure out exactly how to re-rail the family, culture, governments, and Freedom that once supported the American Dream.

That is what makes it so hard to unite, so difficult to treat with. Any group that is chosen as a representative of the large movement is just that–a single entity within it. Even The Tea Party Patriots, though it has thousands of members, does not completely speak for all of its members on every issue.

We do seem to coalesce around constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. However, even the depth of knowledge and resulting positions among groups on these issues differ to the point of passionate dialog and even name-calling at times. All of this good. It is just like the creative times that led to the establishment of our once great Nation.

Because we revere the Creator who gave us unalienable rights and a free Will, we think for ourselves and often argue and disagree passionately. Our faith in Providence gives us hope that we will be able to muddle towards the critical mass needed to turn this behemoth around.

Personally, though I think we must stop letting our hearts and passion rule our discussions, and look at our Founding Fathers more closely. This spirited disagreement is exactly why the Constitution begins with the words, “We the People.” When Federal legislators rule that ALL Americans must do this or that, it is tyranny pure and simple. Under our Constitution the States and the People have the right to govern themselves in all but the few carefully numbered duties and responsibilities of the Federal government.

So, the power grab at the RNC convention in Tampa was rightfully seen by many Tea Party groups as the Ruling Elite of the Republican Party girding itself against the Libertarian actions of Ron Paul followers. Tea Party leaders like myself who know history saw it as an all out attack against grassroots activists in general, including the many American constitutionalists who have been fighting the good fight for decades in the rank and file of the Republican Party on the local levels. They came for the Ron Paul supporters last convention, they will come for the Tea Party next, and eventually for all who believe that the People, not the Federal Government are the rulers of our Nation.

Too many members of the current Republican leadership, like the lock-step-unless-they-are-running-for-office-Democrats, do not really believe that they are the servants and We the People the locus of Power constitutionally. So a victory with the current Republican leadership would not be a conservative victory at all.

So, where do we start? I agree with Mark Levin, though I am uncertain that the Liberty Amendments are the best solution for our problems that have our Nation balanced precariously on the edge of the proverbial cliff. Discussion, reasoned, calm discussion among friends, family, co-workers, bosses, political enemies and friends alike. Everywhere, all the time. It is time to look at the elephant in the room, and instead of decorating and camouflaging it, figure out how to remove it from the premises altogether.

Political isms kill the People. Look at history-this fact is unassailable. Often left out of the equation is crony capitalism-the picking of winners and losers by our governments which leads to oligarchical coups, even when bloodless.

Today we see it in the waivers granted to friends and donors of the President from ObamaCare. However, we also see it in the Emerging Technology funds at the State-level that bribe large companies to come to one State rather than another. Tea Parties are nearly unanimous in supporting the framework put in place by the Founding Fathers which succeeded so well. This model emphasizes creating a climate of limited government and entrepreneurial freedom: only necessary services and guidelines with the lowest possible levels of taxation and regulation to attract and keep entrepreneurs and their businesses complete with jobs that will compete and thrive on a level playing field.

I am a constitutionalist who believes with every fiber of my being that the Founding Fathers knew and understood History and our human nature, which has not evolved one iota over the millennia. I am an awakened free-born American citizen learning to work with my peers and a Tea Party leader looking towards a restoration of the Freedom, Rule of Law, and common sense values that once made the United States of America the Land of the Free, and the American standard of living the envy of the world.

by Robin Lennon, President & Founder of the Kingwood TEA Party in Kingwood, TX.

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