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TX HB300: Independent School District Bill

From Corie C. Whalen:

Hey everyone, I’m working hard to promote an important school choice bill that has recently been filed as HB300. The press release with details about the legislation is here: This legislation would gives districts that opt into the new code greater freedom to set goals, curriculum, testing, schedule, calendar, and staffing policies of their schools. Unsurprisingly, the usual suspects who elevate bureucracy over quality education are organizing against this bill. So please check it out and contact your state representative to encourage them to support HB300.

HB300 Press Release

The “Independent School District Bill” proposes an alternative education code that empowers families to make education decisions and hold schools accountable, and provides the support they need to embrace the best public school for their children. The plan gives districts that opt into the new code greater freedom to set goals, curriculum, testing, schedule, calendar, and staffing policies of their schools.

Ted Cruz Stands True for TX, Disgruntles Statists of Both Parties

NY Times article


So U.S. Senators believe that honoring fellow Senators and potential political appointees is more important than speaking the Truth and protecting our Nation?

Since going to D.C. Sen. Cruz has been articulating the real conservative message. The one that remembers there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well, there shouldn’t be except for those who CANNOT take care of themselves, children without families who have non-functioning parents, mentally disabled people who can’t work, families who need a helping hand through a crisis, and our Veterans. And even those should be helped within their communities. Charity is face to face aid given with love, not the spirit destroying giving of alms to people the State feel cannot provide for themselves.

Our schools are teaching a lot of things besides reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and how to think. Today’s emphasis in the classrooms is on the rights of disruptive students to be there, and not the rights of the majority of the students to have a classroom conducive to learning and thinking. And thoughtful well-educated Americans who can think through policies and see their consequences are not what Statists want. That would not serve the progressives’ need for an emotional electorate that can be goaded and bribed into angry protests and outbursts.

Ted Cruz is off to a great start as the Texas Statesmen that I and many other Texans elected to go to Washington and tell the emperor that he has no clothes. Our Nation needs more Ted Cruz’s, Rand Paul’s and Marco Rubios speaking truth to Power. Our Nation is in dire straights with a corrupted and complicit media that is far from the free media needed to sustain a free democratic republic.

Keep up the good work, Ted–the eyes and hopes of Texas are upon you! Know that Many of us have you, Heidi, the girls, your staff and our Nation in our prayers.

VIDEO: How Teachers Unions Hurt Schools

From Prager University
Watch this video on YouTube.

Senator-elect Ted Cruz: Why We Lost & Opportunity Conservatism

Senator-elect Ted Cruz says what I’ve wanted to say since the election, but much better than I ever could.

Ted Cruz Speaks at the APP Gala
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KWTP Recommendations for November, 2012 General Election

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KWTP Nov 2012 Voter Guide, side 2













VIDEO: Susan Combs Tell Us, “Texans, It’s Your Money!”

Susan Combs Tells KWTP, “Texans, It’s Your Money!” (2 Videos)

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs visited the Kingwood TEA Party on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012 at IncrEDIBLE Delight in Atascocita to tell us about her four reports telling Texans about the 5000 taxing entities, found at

Video, Part 1:

Combs 2012 9 20 part 1
Watch this video on YouTube.

Part 2:

Combs 2012 9 20 part 2
Watch this video on YouTube.

Thank you, Susan, for empowering Texans to fight the ever encroaching and over-regulating governments we have at Local, State, and Federal levels!

MUST WATCH: The Real Story Behind TX’s 82nd Legislature

JoAnn Fleming, Chair of Advisory Committee to the Texas Tea Party Caucus, Executive Director of Grassroots America We the People, explains how 101 Republicans were definitely not a conservative majority in the 82nd Texas House (2011 Legislative Session).

Grassroots/Tea Party Citizens Groups Join together to expose the Texas Leadership
Watch this video on YouTube.