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Development of New York’s Shale Resources Would Stimulate Economic Growth

According to the Manhattan Institute’s report, the fracking moratorium is blocking New York counties from seeing a potential $8 billion in added income over four years. The report zeroes in on 28 New York counties that sit above the Marcellus and compares jobs and income growth in 50 Pennsylvania counties that produce gas.

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Texas Tea Blog by Rich Stoisits

Texas Tea Blog by Rich Stoisits - Energy in TexasRich Stoisits is the Kingwood TEA Party’s “Energy Guy!” I hope you read his posts and learn as much as I do!

The Texas TEA Parties standing strong against higher taxes, at the State Capital

Huge explosion at fertilizer plant near Waco, many people confirmed dead. Most of town of West, Texas reported to be destroyed.

GREAT AT ARTICLE from Local Writer, William Sullivan on Racism

Remembering Why Jackie Robinson Was a Hero
by William Sullivan via American Thinker

My thoughts on the subject –Robin

Racism attacks Freedom and Justice. However, the opposite of racism is not affirmative action which creates a victim class and steals from the innocent as well as the guilty to make restitution. Restitution? Restitution is welcoming all into our schools, and expecting excellence from all according to their varying interests and abilities.

Anyone who views every incident or issue by seeing first the races of the individuals is truly racist. Those who look first for the facts in order to uphold blindfolded justice are NOT racist, but are Americans according to the highest ideals entrenched in our Declaration of Independence. No, the economic interests of men may not have been true to those ideals, but they were set to be incrementally attained.

Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King both dreamt of a time when the playing field would be level and all could endeavor to earn the rewards for their best efforts. I stand with them, and would like to move forward beyond racism back to Justice for All.

Illegals Taunt, “Obama Will Let Me Go!”

Obama Will Let Me Go!”
” Posted Friday, April 12th 2013 by Jim Forsyth

The debate in Washington on immigration reform has had no political impact, but the debate is having a major impact on south Texas, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Officials say the number of people entering the U.S. illegally is way up and, tragically, the number of undocumented immigrants who have been found dead in the unforgiving Texas Brush Country is way up, and is on path this year to beat last year’s record for the number of people found dead in the ranch country.

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Sen. Ted Cruz – CPAC: Do We Surrender or Do We Stand Up Now?

This is why Texans united to send Ted Cruz to Washington!



Senator Ted Cruz Gives Keynote Speech at CPAC 2013
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Ae We America, the Enabler of Despots and Tyranny or America, the Promoter of Liberty & Freedom? By Robin Lennon

A Commentary by Robin Lennon

The harsh rhetoric is not and never has been about immigration.

It is about breaking and entering into the United States. Too many of those illegally entering our country are dangerous criminals, OTM terrorists, or those who break our laws with fraudulent social security cards. The laws of our land force us to educate, medicate, and too often house and feed them at the expense of hard-working Americans. They stand on the steps of our State Houses demanding education, medical care, insurance, citizenship, and more amenities are not theirs.

Too many progressives complain about the too low, often unlivable wages. What they apparently don’t understand is the downward pressure on wages that is exerted by these unlawful shadow workers. Many take jobs once held by teenagers and minority men, particularly Blacks and Hispanics.

Aiding and abetting illegal immigration is just as ruinous to our Nation as Affirmative Action and the Welfare State has been to us: promoting injustice, racism, and the breakdown of our families, values and culture.

In the final analysis, illegal immigration is a Rule of Law issue.

Do we really want to welcome men and women who break our laws, as well as violent criminals and terrorists into our country? If you think so, invite them into your home, with no background checks. Feed them; pay for their schooling and medical costs yourself. It’s a free country, which means you have no right to make me donate my hard-earned dollars to these people who don’t respect U.S. taxpayers or America enough to emigrate legally. Have you researched how Mexico handles illegal immigrants, voter fraud, and non-citizen protests? Why is it okay for them to protect their country, but not for us?

It’s a shame that we enable Mexico’s leaders to abdicate their duties to control the drug cartels and develop their own economy so proud Mexican citizen’s could live and raise their families in their own county.

The US needs to secure our borders and use political pressure on Mexico to fix their own problems. I believe that people of all colors can enjoy Freedom and Free Markets. They don’t have to sneak in and steal it–they could create it at home if their government was willing.

We are America, the Enabler of Despots and Tyranny. I’d rather be America, the Promoter of Liberty, Freedom, and Opportunity once more.

Development of California’s Oil Shale Can Solve It’s Economic Problems

A recent study by the University of Southern California forecast that the Monterey Shale could yield 2.8 million jobs and $24.6 billion in state and local taxes by 2020 — enough to lift the state’s economy out of malaise.

California Oil Boom 21March 2013