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Immigration Supporters: What They Said Before

Illegaslly crossing border with weaponH/T: Red State Blog, “The Stories They Told.”

Here are the Republican and Red State Democrat Senators who ran for election against amnesty and are about to vote for the ruinous Gang of Eight bill. Liars and cowards, trembling before the liberal press, listening to out of touch “republican” advisors, and betraying those that voted them into office.

THEY HAVEN’T READ THE BILL, and don’t care about the damage it will do. They are this generation’s “Useful Idiots” being played by the anti-American left.

Rubio: “I would vote against anything that grants amnesty because I think it destroys your ability to enforce the existing law and I think it’s unfair to the people who are standing in line and waiting to come in legally. I would vote against anything that has amnesty in it.”

Ayotte: “For the people who are here illegally, I don’t support amnesty; it’s wrong. It’s wrong to the people who are waiting in line here, who have waited for so long. And we need to stop that because I think that’s where the Administration is heading next.”

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Liberal Keynesian Economists Recommend Tax and Entitlement Reform Similar to Tea Party Positions

Liberal economists recommend a flat tax with no loopholes and reform of the unsustainable entitlement programs, social security, medicare and medicade. These economists who support the Obama administration recommend these reforms in order to save Obama’s presidency. Liberals denounced the TEA Parties’ recommendations for tax and entitlement reform as right wing extremism. Now liberals are beginning to openly proclaim these reforms as necessary in order to preserve their power.

EconomistReformEntitlementsFlatTax 25May2013

VIDEO: Sarah Palin: Inspired… Inspiring…

Sarah Palin Faith & Freedom Coalition's Road To Majority. FULL SPEECH 6/15.2013

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Thoughts on Power by Robin

Lord Acton, a British historian, once said: “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The dangers of giving absolute power to an individual or branch of government for use to protect out Nation cannot be overemphasized. Back when all citizens learned History, it was common knowledge that time and time again well-meaning men forgot why they wielded the power and used it for their own purposes or agendas. That was how the great Roman Republic metamorphosed into an Empire headed by men who were considered as gods and then fell to barbarian hordes as those leaders became dissolute, corrupt, and power-crazed.

With good reason, those who have studied history felt deep shudders of unease when candidate Obama became known as the One. As scandal after scandal emerges within his Administration, as the People’s trust in the American government shrinks away, it is understandable why the People are rising up to fight back against the conditions which have made America ripe for a fall.

Are these trends reversible? Have the People awakened too late?

Only God knows, and time will tell.

Do Tax Increases Raise More Revenue: Prager Univ. on the Laffer Curve

20130609-210621.jpgEasy-to-understand explanation of the Laffer Curve with historical evidence and research that shows that once tax rates exceed 33%, revenues begin to decrease. Pres. Kennedy knew this, but today’s big government progressives refuse to admit it.

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MUST READ: We Need More “Extremists” Like Chris Kyle

Via NRO “The Corner” by David French

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I’ve recounted the atrocities in my unit’s Area of Operations before – raping women to shame them into suicide bombing, blowing up restaurants then blowing up first responders, hiding bombs in the backpacks of unsuspecting children, shooting infants then shooting the mothers as they cradled the remains of their dead child, shrieking “Allahu Akhbar” as they saw the heads off old women (while filming the deed and spreading the DVDs around town) — and such atrocities cause right-thinking, rational, compassionate human beings to feel, well, rage. Since he was “outside the wire” vastly more than I ever was (I could not even begin to compare my meager efforts to Kyle’s), I’m sure that he saw much worse, and saw it up close. These atrocities cause those of us in uniform who believe in God and follow Christ to understand that part of our calling on this Earth is to oppose that vile and vicious evil. If that morally responsible response makes us “extremists,” then I wear that badge with great pride. Heck, if I could pull it off (sadly, I don’t have the forearms for a good tattoo), I’d put a cross on my arm as well.

A Tradition of Sacrifice, from Yorktown to Ramadi by Leif Babin


This entire article from the WSJ Online is a MUST READ this Memorial Day!

It was not the Declaration of Independence that gave us freedom but the Continental Army. America was born from conflict, delivered by soldiers willing to pay with their blood the tremendous cost of freedom.

The dead did not wish to be martyred. They no doubt longed to return to their homes and families. But they believed in the “glorious cause,” something far greater than themselves. Despite knowing the dangers before them, they followed Gen. Washington into the fray even when victory seemed hopeless and the cause all but lost.

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VIDEO – RNC Offers Democrat Light: Just Say No!

MUST SEE: RNC – Just Say No! Freedom and smaller government is good for ALL Americans!

What do we do when the RNC calls for a donation?

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Sen. Cruz on Republican Collusion in Raising the Debt Ceiling

Thank you, Ted! It seems I’m saying that a lot these days, but having Sen. Cruz run on promising to fight for this Nation’s principles and our TEA. Party core values and then doing it, brilliantly and articulately is something to be grateful for. I add my prayers that he be strengthened, protected, and enlightened every step of the way and for his precious family as well. Robin

Sen. Ted Cruz This Debate is About One Thing — The Debt Ceiling

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The Benghazi Talking Points were entirely drafted by…

Political Cartoon by Peterson

The Benghazi talking points were entirely drafted by the CYA.