Support Councilmember Dave Martin for His Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility

Support Dave MartinKingwood TEA Party proudly supports Dave Martin.

He is the most responsive councilmember who has ever represented me. He always returns my calls within a reasonable length of time and I personally know of several constituents he has met with privately. Contrary to the videos you might see on Channel 11, Dave Martin is a man who takes his job to represent every one of us seriously, even when we Kingwood residents are extremely divided over an issue like roads.

Dave Martin was set up for attack just before a contentious roads Town Hall because of Martin’s principled vote against increasing the Firefighters budget not long after Council had approved a larger amount than they asked for–for the 12th year in a row!

Houston will soon have to deal with major pension shortfalls, not because of a lack of faith or effort on the part of the City, but because of the sweetheart pension and benefit deals the union won from the City when the economy was humming along in the late 90′s to early 2000’s.

Now, while the private sector faces unemployment, recession, and sometimes even the impossibility of retirement, this Union insists upon lavish pensions and benefits at the expense of poor and struggling taxpayers who were never represented in those negotiations.

Abundance of Overtime because…the firefighters…went HUNTING!!!

One might wonder what caused this 12th shortfall—after all, it is only February! It was caused by the amount of overtime paid due to understaffing when a large contingent of firefighters went hunting—as their union rules permit. Inexplicably, one of the areas the Firefighters want to cut is the training program that would make more firefighters available. Instead, they are instituting brownouts of equipment and firefighters that will surely endanger Kingwood and Houston residents alike.

They overspent the budget THEY submitted…for the 12th year in a row!

Just like a child who never suffers consequences for bad judgment, they have once again over spent their budget and expect the taxpayers and the City to bail them out, even while they refuse to help the taxpayers and the City deal with the immense pension/benefits crisis that is quickly approaching.

I applaud Dave Martin for his strong stance against this fiscal irresponsibility and gross mismanagement, and hope that Chief Bradford, Jack Christie, Michael Kubosh and our other City Council members will continue to stand for fiscal responsibility. Yes, the brownouts constitute a danger to us in Kingwood and Houston, but it is NOT because of the fiscally responsible stance our City Council has taken.

It is time for all Houstonians to stand together: Police and Municipal workers (who have both come to the table), Firefighters who have NOT yet come to the table, and the hard-working taxpayers of the City of Houston who want a safe and secure future for themselves and their children.

Not all firefighters are overpaid or take advantage of the taxpayers, however, it is apparent that Union leaders and whoever else was involved in the poor judgment and mismanagement have led them to this abyss for the 12th year in a row.

It’s time to take the keys and credit cards away until they join us in the fight to become fiscally responsible–join the community instead of bleeding us dry.

Remember Stockton, CA! Houston can avoid a similar fate if we all work together.

By the way, about our meeting? It was mostly about Kingwood Drive, Hamblen Road, and, yes…Kingwood Roads and Improvement Projects. Thank you Dave, for your principles, hard work, and willingness to work on our behalf, even when we make it difficult for you!

Dave Martin

District E

Phone: 832.393.3008


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