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“It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.”

          ~ Calvin Coolidge

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YOU CAN VOTE in the RUNOFF, even if you DIDN’T Vote in the 11-3-15 City/County Election!!!!

They are bringing in lots of Out-of-State $$$ to get every Democrat to the polls.
We need Even More Conservatives to Vote in the Runoff!

Why KWTP Supports Bill King & Bill Frazer – Links to Share from Email Blasts

SHARE with EVERYONE! What Sylvester Turner’s Boat Ads DON’T TELL!


Sylvester Turner wants to repeal the Revenue Cap which prevents City Hall from increasing Property Tax rates more than 4-1/2% in one year.

Sylvester Turner has vowed to pass another Houston ERO (Bathroom Bill) even though voters just soundly defeated it!

We can elect another liberal Mayor or we can elect Businessman Bill King and go BACK TO BASICS!

Remember your ID! No cell phones or other electronic devices permitted at polls. Please print out a copy to take with you!  They are 2 per page if printed back-to-back. Share one with a friend!

Click link below to see FOX26 Report:

BREAKING: City Takes Major Hit with Judge’s Decision to Void Drainage Fee Tax FOX26

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Ginni Thomas, a great freedom lover who happens to be Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, interviews Stanley Kurtz and discovers the relationship between Common Core and the AP US History Standards.


Read more at Ginni Thomas’ Videos & Column at Daily Caller.

Houston, We Have a Pension Problem!
City Controller Candidate Bill Frazer Explains  Why Rep. Sylvester’s Pension Bill and Pharaoh Parker’s Deal with Houston’s Firefighters Will Cost Taxpayers Big-time!

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KWTP Endorsed Bill King: Conservative & Republican Choice for Houston Mayor

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GRUBER on Voter ‘Stupidity”

Posted by ROY AVIK on 11/12/2014

Francis Silenced on ObamaCare

Melissa Francis was silenced for
criticizing Obamacare at CNBC.

Sen. Cruz on Our Tyrant-in-Chief

Listen to the end.

Brandon Darby of Breitbart TX

An honest appraisal from the man who walked the TX border.

Brandon Darby: The Border Crisis

Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas on Fox News Reporting about the Border Crisis.

Chris McDaniel: GOP Voter Fraud

Chris McDaniel on MS Sen. election

This Imperial President

Our lawless President is a clear
and present danger

Ted Cruz’s on 1st Amendment

Sen. Ted Cruz Objects to Democrats'
Attempts to Repeal Free Speech