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Haven’t Voted Yet? Don’t Forget to Vote on Election Day!

No cell phones or other electronic devices permitted at polls.


Tues., May 24, 2016 ELECTION DAY VOTING:  7 am to 7 pm

Double-check Your Voting Location: There are only 3 Kingwood Locations on Election Day!

Tues., May 24, 2016 ELECTION DAY REPUBLICAN POLLING LIST: http://harrisvotes.com/VoterBallotExportRO.aspx?PCT=All&Lng=E&Prty=R

VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS:  http://harrisvotes.com/VoterBallotSearch.aspx?L=E
includes your voting precinct w/polling location map, picture, and directions; Sample Ballot; & links to your elected officials.


Tues., May 24, 2016 ELECTION DAY VOTING:

Tues. May 24, 2016 ELECTION DAY VOTING LOCATIONS & TIMES: http://www.mctx.org/election/EDPolls.asp?ELID=48

VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS:  http://www.mctx.org/election/vrlookup.asp?curLang=English
includes your voting precinct w/polling location map, picture, and directions; Sample Ballot; & links to your elected officials.

KWTP 2016 Primary Runoff Recommendations!

KWTP Supports Paul Simpson for Harris Co. GOP Chair

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What Is the “Texas Plan?”

Why We Must Support It by Robin Lennon

hcarlc-logo2We will be block-walking in Humble next weekend continuing to gather signatures to place the Red Light Cameras Ban on the next municipal ballot in Humble, TX.

For Times & to Confirm, Call Barry: 713-224-4144 or Yevette: 832 233 9759

Read more…

Gov. Greg Abbott with Mark Levin on the Texas
Plan for an Article V Convention:

Read The Texas Plan to Restore the Rule of Law

Answering the ‘Runaway Convention’ Myth by Michael Farris

Thomas Sowell on the Constitution and an Article V Convention: FTA: “No wonder they don’t want to have a convention that would restore a Constitution which begins with ‘We the People.’”  Read Messing with the Constitution” – 1/12/16

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Kingwood TEA Party Prayer – Posted by request.

Great Conservative Issues Guide:

2015-16 TPPF Legislators’ Guide to the Issues

Great Economic Primer by Hazlitt – Free Online:

Economics in One Lesson (full text). Henry Hazlitt

Downloads: Free PDF | Abridged Audio Book read by Henry Hazlitt himself.

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Must Watch: Ginni Thomas with Ret. Gen. Tom McInerney

MUST WATCH: Ginni Thomas interviews Ret. AF Gen. Tom McInerney on Pres. Obama’s Failed Middle East policies.

MUST WATCH VIDEO on Radical Islam

I made a Constitution light saber!!!

Gov. Abbott Takes the Lead on Reining in Our Out-of-Control Government!!!

Gov. Abbott surprised us all when he mentioned his conversation with KWTP President, Robin Lennon, about the 10th Amendment during this speech. (~19:30)

Children’s Book by Cindy Vincent

Cindy is a KWTP member & serves on our Leadership Board!

Brandon Darby: The Border Crisis

Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas on Fox News Reporting about the Border Crisis.

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The Truth about Govt. Unions

A good animation of why government unions have no place in government.

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