"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." --Thomas Jefferson


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KWTP Movie Night Update

We are meeting at ShowBiz Cinemas in Kingwood at 6:30pm. Showtime is 7:05pm. Please buy tickets early or online here. We will be giving away a copy of Mr. D'Souza's book, America: Imagine a World Without Her to a KWTP member who brings someone under the age of 20 or a friend who has never attended a KWTP event before. See you tonight!

Another Reason We Support Brandon Creighton

2013 AFP Texas Legislators Report Card
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Compiled from AFP's 2013 Report Card 2013 AFP Defenders of the American Dream

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Using Power of Purse to Secure Our Border

Rep. John Culberson on Lou Dobbs Show

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Save the Date: Fri., 9/5/14 Freedom Rally w/ Sen. Ted Cruz

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9-5-14 Freedom Rally w/ Sen. Ted Cruz Poster

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Ray Stevens: Grandpa Voted Democrat

H/T: Joseph McReynolds

VOTE: But Watch Out for Voter Fraud!
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Robin

Bono on the Idea of America

MUST WATCH: Bono reminds us what really makes America exceptional.

Pres. Obama’s Syria Policy Timeline – In Their Own Words

Pres. Obama's Red Line, then the World's. A pinprick, not a pinprick, as the world becomes increasingly more dangerous.

Brandon Darby on the Border Crisis

Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas on Fox News Reporting about the Border Crisis.

Concerned about Our Tyrant-in-Chief?

So is Sen. Cruz!

Listen to the end.

The Faces of KWTP (Click on image to view larger Flickr page)

Chris McDaniel: GOP Voter Fraud

Chris McDaniel talks about the kamikaze mainstream GOP stealing the election in MS by buying Dem votes.

This Imperial President is a clear and present danger!

When is enough enough?

Before or after the next major terrorist act on US soil...