“Freedom…is not ours by inheritance;
it must be fought for and defended constantly.”

–Ronald W. Reagan

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coolidge-schlaes"Trickle Down" Theory and "Tax Cuts for the Rich"  by Thomas Sowell tells where these lies got their start and the history that disproves them.jarvis_dysfunction_cover





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O’Keefe Exposes DOJ Corruption

in LA US Atty Ofc & DOJ Civil Rights Div.

Bono: The Idea of America

MUST WATCH: Bono on what
makes America exceptional.

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GRUBER on Voter ‘Stupidity”

Posted by ROY AVIK on 11/12/2014

Francis Silenced on ObamaCare

Melissa Francis was silenced for
criticizing Obamacare at CNBC.

Sen. Cruz on Our Tyrant-in-Chief

Listen to the end.

Brandon Darby of Breitbart TX

An honest appraisal from the man who walked the TX border.

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Chris McDaniel: GOP Voter Fraud

Chris McDaniel on MS Sen. election

This Imperial President

Our lawless President is a clear
and present danger

Ted Cruz’s on 1st Amendment

Sen. Ted Cruz Objects to Democrats'
Attempts to Repeal Free Speech