Ted Cruz Rally - July, 2012
KWTP in Kingwood July 4th Parade 2013

Freedom…is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly.

                                                                        –Ronald W. Reagan

HOPE: To out-vote the dems + voter fraud:

We need EVERYONE to Vote Our Values & Straight R 
Just like This 82yo Grandmother
Lifetime Dem Votes Straight R
HC Cmr. Cagel:
Be the MORE Intelligent Voter

KWTP Recommendations for the 2014 General Election.

Early Voting Begins MONDAY, Oct. 20, 2014. Voter Guide .PDF file

Doublecheck Your Straight R Ballot with this printable Cheat Sheet.

NOTE: It has been recommended that we VOTE Straight Republican office by office to prevent voter fraud. This also makes it easier to find the 2 PROPs we are voting NO on at the end.

NO CASES of this happening locally, but let’s be the MORE Intelligent Voters!






Be a Patriot–VOTE Straight-Ticket Republican!

Here’s why KWTP votes straight-ticket & NO on the Propositions.
Scroll to bottom for explanation of Proposition recommendations. 

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jarvis_dysfunction_cover story-of-pilgrims_color-book "Trickle Down" Theory and "Tax Cuts for the Rich"  by Thomas Sowell tells where these lies got their start and the history that disproves them.




KWTP President’s Tweets

Brandon Darby visits the KWTP on Oct 9

The militant left hates Brandon and their efforts to destroy him led the FBI to request that he give up his identity and go into the Witness Protection Program. Brandon's response was to become the highly visible Bureau Chief for Breitbart Texas and take the fight to the Progressive and violent Left on a daily basis.

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott visits the KWTP on Oct 20

July 15, 2013 Gregg Abbott will be the special guest of the Kingwood TEA Party at our open meeting on October 20'th at Los Cucos.

Ted Cruz’s Epic Defense of the First Amendment, Sept 10, Floor of US Senate

Senator Ted Cruz Objects to Democrats Attempt to Repeal Free Speech Protections

Gregg Abbott’s Texas Gubernatorial Debate with Wendy Davis

Watch the Texas Gov. debate between Gregg Abbott and Wendy Davis that everybody in Texas politics was talking about. Most of the conversation was about the democrat's poor performance, See for yourself.

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Bono on the Idea of America

MUST WATCH: Bono reminds us what really makes America exceptional.

Pres. Obama’s Syria Policy Timeline – In Their Own Words

Pres. Obama's Red Line, then the World's. A pinprick, not a pinprick, as the world becomes increasingly more dangerous.

Brandon Darby: The Border Crisis

Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas on Fox News Reporting about the Border Crisis.

Concerned about Our Tyrant-in-Chief?

So is Sen. Cruz!

Listen to the end.

The Faces of KWTP (Click on image to view larger Flickr page)

Chris McDaniel: GOP Voter Fraud

Chris McDaniel talks about the kamikaze mainstream GOP stealing the election in MS by buying Dem votes.

This Imperial President is a clear and present danger!

When is enough enough?

Before or after the next major terrorist act on US soil...