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Pres. Robin Lennon’s Kingwood TEA Party Recommendation for RPT Convention
Re-elect Chairman James R. Dickey

RPT Convention Delegates: I hope you will read and consider my thoughts on the Chairman’s race.
We have an  important election to prepare for.

Click on graphic above for pdf of KWTP Pres. Robin Lennon’s Convention Endorsement of James Dickey

The Kingwood TEA Party’s endorsement for James Dickey issued in early June:
Kingwood TEA Party Strongly Endorses
Chairman James Dickey for 2020 Texas RPT Chair

It is with great pleasure KWTP endorses James Dickey for Texas Republican Party Chair. No RPT Chairman has had a greater impact on day to day administration, fundraising, and influence in the Texas Capitol than has James Dickey.

Mere weeks after his election, prior to the 2017 Special Session, his influence was already strongly in evidence. KWTP was present in many of the same hearings as Chairman Dickey who not only testified for bills supporting Texas Republicans Party Platform planks, but also AGAINST bills opposing platform planks.

Additionally, SREC members were empowered to speak for Texas Republicans FOR bills supporting & AGAINST bills opposing platform planks. To activists working for good conservative legislation, it felt like Republicans and grassroots activists were finally coming together from all over the State of Texas to encourage our elected leaders, State Senators, & State Representatives to pass conservative legislation to Keep Texas TEXAS!

The State Convention Chairman Dickey oversaw was by far the easiest for State Convention delegates to follow and participate in. For the 1st time, instead of receiving copies of the platform LATE on the day we had to vote on it, we had early access to it ONLINE! This allowed us to check the final language on planks we were most interested in and to make truly informed decisions.

Chairman Dickey’s leadership has encouraged the return of Republican donors to support the Party. His historic fundraising has filled RPT coffers and allowed the Chairman to fully engage in many General Election races throughout the State. One of my favorite innovations James Dickey has made is the recruitment of Republicans to run in races in Democrat districts. We’ve all heard about the Dallas area judge who ordered a salon owner who opened her salon with safety policies in place to sit in jail until she apologized for endangering lives. Dickey’s recruitment of candidates has provided area Texans the choice of voting for that judges’ rule-of-law opponent in November! More, please!!!

Comparing RPT Chairman James Dickey with his current opponent is easy, although both men are worthy individuals. The biggest factor in our endorsement is that James Dickey has been involved in Texas Republican Party politics for years, and has been hugely successful leading the Texas GOP

James Dickey’s opponent, a war hero whom we respect and sincerely thank for his service, does NOT know Texas politics. Ret. Lt. Col. Alan West ran for Congress in Florida where he served one term before being defeated in the next election. He ran as a Republican in Florida, which is far from being a conservative in Texas. He had misfortune with a business that had major problems, and also served as head of Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Booker T. Washington Initiative. This is an important initiative whose mission is “to redefine the debate on poverty, wellbeing, and opportunity, debunking the idea that taxation, government programs, and invasive policy solutions can truly help our nation’s poor to escape their burdens.” Basically, it seeks to bring Texas Miracle values to D.C. and the rest of the Nation. Ret. Lt. Col. Alan West is a great speaker, but whenever I asked him to provide me and our followers information to share and post on social media, his response was that WE needed to find the news/create media templates for our folks to use. This is not the leadership we’re used to from RPT, or other organizations, including TPPF initiative leaders like those from their Right on Crime and Right on Healthcare Initiatives whose posts we often repost, retweet or send out in our e-blasts.

Chairman James Dickey is the best man to be Texas RPT Chair, already leading Texas Republicans in these important days as we fight for the heart and soul of our great State of Texas, as well as that of our Nation.

In Texas, EDUCATION is supposed to be about

Article VII, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution – Adopted February 15, 1876

“A general diffusion of knowledge being essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people, it shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools.”

Autism and Educational Choice: The Tragedy of America’s Beautiful Minds

Top 10 Reasons HuffPo Doesn’t Get School Choice

It seems to me that our children are being educated NOT to maintain the Freedom of the People over government. –rhl


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